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Daniel J. Crosby (DJ)

DJ Crosby DJ was diagnosed as deaf at 2 years old and currently sports one cochlear implant. He grew up using Cued Speech in Utah and graduated with a degree in Film Studies from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. DJ currently works in Denver, CO at a youth shelter and teaches GED classes

Q: What’s your name and age?
Daniel J. Crosby, but I go by DJ. I’m 23.

Q: How long have you been deaf? Do you use hearing aids or a cochlear implant?
All my life! Well, really 21 years. My deafness was congenital but I was not diagnosed as deaf until I was 2. I have one C.I.

Q: Where are you from? Tell me about your education.
I’m from Utah. I graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia, where I majored in Film Studies.

Q: Wow, Philly is a long way from Denver and Utah! What are you up to now here in Denver?
I work at a Youth Shelter and teach GED classes.

Q: What communication methods did you use in school? Transliterators, Terps, transcription, etc?
In school, I used interpreters until I got to college. Then I began using ASL interpreters and CART due to not having any cued speech transliterators anywhere near me.

Q: Do you still use CS in daily life today?
I don't use cued speech every single day... but my family still cues (sometimes) and I hang out with Aaron* a good amount, so.

Q: How did you end up being cued to? When did you start cueing? Who cued in your daily life?
I'm the same DJ Crosby who was Oz Crosby's child - so a lot of things have changed. So, given how big my name was in the early 90s - you can do a Google search for my name + cued speech. Yeah, I'm Daniel Crosby, Oz Crosby's son, and that fact has made me into a happier person.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hmm, perhaps a college professor. I’d like to get a psychology degree.

Q: Ok, favorite activities?
Hmm, talking politics, the outdoors, Denver, watching movies….

Q: Have you got a favorite book?
Yes: Lathe of Heaven by Ursula LeGuin.

Q: What would you like people to know about Cued Speech, or raising a deaf child in general?
I’d say do what works and be consistent. Don’t do half ASL, half Cued Speech, etc, mixing things up. [I do] want to clarify that I think it's okay to teach the kid both so that they can be bilingual in ASL and English. In fact, I would encourage the parents to seek out ASL-Deaf mentors for their child - my parents did this and it was an incredibly positive experience. The key is to make sure that you're not treating ASL like a visual code or Cued Speech like a language - ASL is a language; Cued Speech is a tool. So if a parent teaches their child ASL, I'd encourage them to become knowledgeable of the Deaf culture that goes along with ASL.

Q: Ok, Halloween’s this weekend; what would you dress up as for the evening?
Kenny [from Southpark] Before death, of course!

D.J. Crosby
Denver, CO

* A. Rose, president of Cued Speech of Colorado »
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