National Cued Speech Association

2012 Cornett Scholarship Winner

Caitlin Cunningham

Congratulations to Caitlin Cunningham of Olney, Maryland, the winner of this years 2012 R. Orin Cornett Memorial Scholarship!

Caitlin uses Cued Speech in her everyday life and has said " I feel like Cued Speech defines who I am". Caitlin attends Rochester Institute of Technology and is studying to be an Accountant.

Here is Caitlin's essay in applying for the scholarship:

In my classes every day, I always watch my Cued Speech translator. Although I can understand my teacher at times, I still prefer watching my translator because Cued Speech involves every word a person says. My friends ask why I have a Cued Speech translator since I know sign language. American Sign Language does not include every word, so it has its own grammar. I believe that Cued Speech helps with people’s grammar and listening skills. I am currently in Advanced Placement Language and Composition class. Whenever I present in any of my classes, I never have to use my translator to speak for me. My voice is very understandable and loud enough for everyone to hear. I feel lucky that I know Cued Speech though not many people use it.

If I have kids in the future, I will teach them how to cue since I want them to communicate well with hearing people and have good grammar. I want Cued Speech to continue existing later in life because some people are not good at signing, so they can cue instead. I know a friend who’s not very understandable by signing, but is fluent in cuing, and that helps us to communicate with each other.

I have met some people who are against cueing, but I still tell them that I know Cued Speech because I am not ashamed of it, and if I did not know cueing, then what would my grammar and speech be like?

I feel like Cued Speech defines who I am, since I love to meet deaf people that know Cued Speech, and I do know American Sign Language well. Knowing how to communicate through Cued Speech, American Sign Language, and English helps me communicate with both deaf and hearing. For instance, if I meet someone that’s deaf and do not know either Cued Speech or American Sign Language, I could use my listening and speaking skills (which Cued Speech helped me with) to communicate.

In my post high school educational setting, I will use the NCSA’s mission, vision and goals to continue as a positive role model for the Cued Speech community by encouraging others to learn Cued Speech and prove to people that I can achieve my career goals by having good listening and speaking skills because I learned Cued Speech. I will continue to use it in college, career, family, and friends.
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