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Rachel McNallen's story

I was born a healthy 9 pounds via Caesarean section in Hinsdale, Illinois in 1990. My parents were sent home with a daughter they had named Rachel and were somewhat mystified by my preternaturally loud shrieks, which signaled basic infant care needs. Universal newborn hearing screening was a thing of the future.

My father would comment on my “raptor calls,” his affectionate moniker for my ear-splitting cries. Meanwhile, my mother (Sandy Mosetick) made subtle, unconscious adjustments to our routines to accommodate for a yet-to-be-identified hearing loss. For example, she would position herself within my line of sight rather than trying to call after me. Read More about Rachel »

David Peter

David was born deaf in Jerusalem, Israel and grew up cueing in Bethesda, MD. He currently uses a cochlear implant. At the moment, David lives in San Francisco, CA where he currently works with a web company called 1000memories. He plans to finish his degree in Computer Science at RIT this fall. Read more about David ». Read More about David »

DJ Crosby

DJ was diagnosed as deaf at 2 years old and currently sports one cochlear implant. He grew up using Cued Speech in Utah and graduated with a degree in Film Studies from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. DJ currently works in Denver, CO at a youth shelter and teaches GED classes. Read More about DJ »

Kevin Rance

Kevin has been deaf since birth and grew up cueing. He does not use hearing aids or cochlear implants. He hails from Fayetteville, GA, and is currently a senior at the University of Georgia, studying mathematics. He aspires to working in deaf ministry and teaching mathematics. Read More about Kevin »

Tiffany Matthews

Tiffany was born deaf due to Waardenberg Syndrome and grew up using Total Communication with two bilateral cochlear implants. She learned cueing only 2 years ago and has been making strides using Cued Speech transliterators in class since then. Tiffany lives in Silver Spring MD, where she studies pediatric nursing at Montgomery College. Read more about Tiffany ». Read More about Tiffany »

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