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How can I learn Cued Speech?

We recommend a combination of face-to-face instruction and media technology. You can start with either one, or it is certainly possible to learn just by audio, video or web lessons. You definitely can complete a basic course in Cued Speech at home!

Here are the options most readily available:


Cue Camps

Learn Cued Speech in the relaxed atmosphere of camp. Exciting new class formats for cuers of all ages. They will focus on expressive fluency for the younger campers. There will be several concurrent workshops each day to meet individual needs. Check events for an updated list of classes, camps and events! »

Instructors / InsCert Program

Instructors certified by the National Cued Speech Association, click here to search for Instructors. »
Learn about NCSA's InsCert certification program. »

Media Content

I Cue, U Cue!

'I Cue, You Cue!' was produced in 2006 by the Institute for Disabilities Research and Training with the content developed by two certified instructors of Cued Speech, this CD-ROM teaches the entire system of Cued Speech with step-by-step instruction, lots of video demonstrations, activities, and more. The software also gives you the history of Cued Speech, experiences of members of the cueing community, and research on the link between Cued Speech, reading and communication. This material can be bought through the CS Discovery bookstore at »

Discovering Cued Speech Instructional Video (or DVD) & Workbook Set

produced in 2000 by South Carolina Educational TV, gives an overview of the origin, definition and the system of Cued Speech, plus a demonstration of a speech pathologist using it with a normally hearing child with a phonological disorder in the 9 minute introduction. In the following 23 minute Lesson One, there is a more thorough introduction to the system's relationship to lipreading consonants and vowels, consonant-vowel cueing structure for syllables and words, and demonstrations of a father cueing with his toddler son and a mother cueing with her infant. For VHS set: BECV For DVD set: BECV-D. This material can be bought through the CS Discovery bookstore at »

Beginning Lessons in Cued Speech: General American English

Audiocassette tape and printed instruction booklet written and narrated by the creator of Cued Speech himself. Effective for learning and practice! Cornett 1995. This material can be bought through the CS Discovery bookstore at »

In the on-line catalog, you will see a variety of software and other practice materials. You can order on-line, or we can accept purchase orders from agencies by mail or fax, checks or money orders by mail, or Master Card or Visa by phone, fax, or mail. We ship same or next business day once we receive the order.

Cued Speech Dictionary

The NCSA's Dictionary of Cued Speech for American English is intended to be a useful reference for those seeking to apply the Cued Speech system to American English. It contains roughly 1000 words that, taken together, illustrate the fundamental principles of the Cued Speech system. Click here to view / access this incredible resource. »

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