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The profession of transliteration requires a certain skill set, beyond the ability to cue fluently. Consequently, training opportunities and evaluation tools are essential for transliterators at every level in order to ensure that their consumers are receiving the services of a qualified professional.
  • Training - For more information about transliterator training, contact Language Matters, Inc. »
  • Evaluation and Certification - Transliterator assessments are offered through two sources, TECUnit and the EIPA Diagnostic Center at Boys Town National Research Hospital:
    • The TECUnit offers a number of services for transliterators, including the Cued Language Transliterator National Certification Examination (CLTNCE), a pass/fail assessment designed to establish a minimum national standard of practice. In addition, they offer the Cued Language Transliterator State Level Assessment (CLTSLA) Package to state agencies seeking a mechanism for assessing transliterators within a state. For more information about transliterator testing, evaluation, and certification services offered by TECUnit, visit the TECUnit website. »
    • The EIPA Diagnostic Center at Boys Town National Research Hospital offers products and services aimed at interpreters who work in K-12 settings. In 2010, they began offering a Cued Speech version of the Educational Intepreter Performance Assessment (EIPA). The EIPA is a tool that is used by more than 30 states to assess interpreters working in elementary and secondary settings. For more information on the EIPA and the Cued Speech version of the EIPA (EIPA-CS), visit the EIPA website. »
  • For a list of certified instructors, click here. »
  • Daily Cues - Figure out your cue notation!
  • Cue for You Transliterating Services - CLT Services
  • iBooks - Cued Speech
  • Help families in need for Cued Speech camps by donating to the Deaf Children's Literacy Project
  • Nuby, Inc - High Quality, Chemical Free Baby Products
  • Deaf Childrens Literacy Project champions literacy and phonetics for families of deaf and hard of hearing children
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