National Cued Speech Association

Preparing for Certification


The NCSA Instructor of Cued Speech certification process isInsCert Certification for Interpreters and Transliterators aimed at accurate cuers with an interest in at least one of the following: teaching CS, tutoring CS, presenting information on CS, or developing CS curricula. Accurate cuers who feel comfortable with the exam topics and recommended reading list and who have attended a Basic Instructor Workshop should be adequately prepared for The ICS-NCE test battery and other requirements of Instructor certification.

Those who are not ready for or interested in Instructor Certification at this time may still benefit from the Basic Instructor Workshop, which covers the fine points of Cued Speech as well as Cued Speech applications and many other topics related to Cued Speech. Seasoned cuers can use this workshop to stay up-to-date, learning where current cueing practices differ from their own, and those newer to cueing can use the workshop to reinforce and expand their Cued Speech knowledge. Requires Intermediate level Cued Speech competency.

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