National Cued Speech Association

Instructor Trainer Mentorship Program

The Instructor Trainer Mentorship Program, InsCert Certification for Interpreters and Transliteratorsoffered by the NCSA InsCert committee, is designed to help participants learn how to provide NCSA-approved Instructor Training to cuers interested in becoming certified instructors. Participants will also learn how to proctor the National Certification Exam.

Participants in the program will have the opportunity to...
  • Travel across the United States by participating in 2-3 consecutive NCSA InsCert events with an assigned mentor who will coach their development as an Instructor Trainer and Exam proctor (additional travel opportunities are available at the completion of the program).
  • Obtain feedback from a mentor and from students on knowledge base and presentation style.
  • Receive travel compensation and a small stipend (stipend will increase after successful completion of the program).
Participants in the program will be expected to...
  • Take a written test on the Basic Instructor Workshop content
  • Commit to providing Instructor Training and exam proctoring at least once within a year of successful completion of the Mentorship Program
  • For further details, see the Mentorship Program application form »

To be eligible for the Mentorship program, you must be an NCSA-certified Instructor of Cued Speech, capable of presenting/teaching while cueing, and be available for the next three InsCert events as well as one of the four subsequent events.

How To Apply:

Please see the application form for details. »

Questions? Please contact the Instructor Committee Chair. »

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