National Cued Speech Association


National Cued Speech Association

  • The National Cued Speech Association is an outgrowth of a local Maryland-based Cued Speech association, the first Cued Speech organization in the country.

  • The first Cued Speech organization was called the Concerned Individuals for the Educational Promotion of Cued Speech. Articles of Incorporation were filed for the organization in March 1973. Charles Swadley was the president for the first two years. In 1978, the name was changed to Cued Speech Association, Inc.

  • The National Cued Speech Association (NCSA) was formed in 1982. The Cued Speech Association, Inc, was absorbed by the Adult Cuers Cued Speech Association, Inc., an organization of hearing-impaired adult cuers, in 1985 or 1986.

  • The NCSA is governed by a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary, as set in the organization’s by-laws, as well as Regional Directors representing different geographic regions of the country, and Directors at Large. Board members serve for three years. The NCSA fiscal year is from September 1 to August 31.

Past Presidents of the NCSA

Listing of the past and present Presidents and their contribution to the National Cued Speech Association.  View Presidents »

Dr. Cornett

Dr. R. Orin Cornett, inventor of Cued Speech, was born in Driftwood, Oklahoma on November 14, 1913. In 1965-66, while vice-president of long-range planning and development for Gallaudet College, he developed Cued Speech with the express purpose of providing a way for children who are deaf or hard of hearing to become good readers.

Dr. Cornett died December 17, 2002, in Laurel, Maryland, at the age of 89. His invention of Cued Speech and his life’s body of work touched and improved the lives of thousands of people in the deaf community. His noble spirit and concern for mankind lives on. Read more »

Eulogy for Dr. Cornett

Dr. Cornett was a great man — a visionary. His vision was that children who are deaf would be able to read as well as hearing children and be able to achieve the same dreams and aspirations in their lives. Read more ».

A Vision Becomes Real

At the memorial service for Dr. Cornett, Daniel Koo spoke on behalf of many deaf cuers who have been the key beneficiaries of Dr. Cornett’s legacy. Read more ».

A Brilliant & Giving Educator, Scientist, & Humanitarian

At the memorial service for Dr. Cornett, Mary Elsie (Henegar) Daisey spoke, "He was my teacher, my boss, my mentor, and my friend. And I feel he will always be with us—because of the marvelous gift he gave us and the lasting impressions he made on us". Read more ».

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