National Cued Speech Association

Cued Speech 40th Anniversary Convention

Celebrating Language, Literacy and Diversity

Celebrating 40 years of Cued Speech:
Conference, Children's Program, Gala Dinner and more!

"The NCSA conference was an enriching experience for me. While I always knew how important Cued Speech is as a tool to aid in language and literacy in the deaf community, I never truly realized how important it was to continue the legacy and make it grow bigger and stronger after 40 years."
— Amy Rye, Texas (Deaf Adult Cuer)

New Approach on Deaf Literacy Heartening

Cued Speech 40th Anniversary Gala, Remembering Dr. R. Orin Cornett
- Gala Dinner Journal [PDF - 6MB]

Cuer's Experience at the NCSA 40th Anniversary Event
- Julie Reese

2006 NCSA Awards

The National Cued Speech Association recognizes that numerous individuals have made exceptional contributions to the advancement of Cued Speech use in families, schools or communities, or to the National Cued Speech Association since Cued Speech was invented by Dr R. Orin Cornett in 1966. In the Awards section, we honor these individuals for their hard dedication and commitment to Cued Speech. Click for more information. »

Cued Speech Conference - Brad Buran cueing to Dr. Polly Earl

Conference Papers

40 Years of Publishing on CS
- Dr. Kelly Crain

Adolescent Intervention Poster Session
- LeBlanc

Cued Speech In Spain
- Santiago Torres

Cued Speech and Cochlear Implants: Powerful Partners Presentation
- Smith [PPT]

Cueing with Children with Disabilities Affecting Language Development
- Donna A. Morere, Ph.D. [PPT]

Effect of Speaking Rate on CST Accuracy
- Krause

From the Ground Up
- Richardson

Language of Toys
- Schwartz

Longitudinal Study Therapeutic Strategies for Children with Cochlear Implants child exposed to CS
- Ignacio

The Total Program for Children with Hearing Loss Using CS
- LeBlanc

Toward adapting the EIP
- Krause

What is MOC
- Dr. S Torres

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