National Cued Speech Association

Board of Directors

The NCSA is run by a membership-elected board comprising officers, directors, and regional representatives. Board members serve a three-year term in each position, and may not exceed two terms in any one position. Please feel free contact any of them for more information about Cued Speech or the NCSA, as well as information about local support in your area.


  • President:   Anne Huffman Anne Huffman

    Anne is the sister of Leah Henegar, the first deaf child to use Cued Speech. She grew up in the DC suburbs as one of five children born to Robert and Mary Elsie Henegar. When the Henegars learned that Leah was deaf, Dr. Cornett had just developed Cued Speech and was looking for a family willing to take a chance on this new system.

    Anne grew up cueing and in the early days often participated in workshops to help Dr. Cornett demonstrate Cued Speech from the sibling perspective. She later helped teach CS to younger family members at Gallaudet summer camps. After high school, Anne moved to North Carolina with the family and graduated from North Carolina State University with a BS degree in Biology. She has spent most of her career in medical device and pharmaceutical testing, first in Toledo Ohio, where she met her husband John, followed by jobs in the Chicago area. Anne is now Senior Director of Quality Assurance for global generic pharmaceutical manufacturer Fresenius Kabi, with US operations based in Chicago. She is currently on a long term assignment at their plant in Western New York. She is the proud mother of Hannah, who recently graduated from Boston University with a degree in Journalism. Anne is excited to be re-joining the CS family at such an exciting time.

    She can be contacted at:  
  • 1st Vice President:   Ben Lachman Ben Lachman

    Ben is a native cuer and an alumnus of the Alexander Graham Bell Montessori School in Wheeling, IL that was founded in 1985 by his parents, Ronald and Mary Ann Lachman along with Ann Bleuer and other families.

    Benjamin received his MBA in December of 2013 from the University of Illinois at Chicago, IL and his BA in English in 2005 from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. In addition to serving on the NCSA Board of Directors, Benjamin is a Trustee for the Ronald and Mary Ann Lachman Foundation, is on the advisory councils of both the Alexander Graham Bell Montessori School and the Illinois School for the Deaf in Jacksonville, IL and is the founder of

    He can be contacted at:  
  • 2nd Vice President:   Penny Hakim Penny Hakim

    Penny has four children; the oldest is profoundly deaf and uses Cued Speech with a cochlear implant. She is currently Vice President of the NCSA and a Certified Cued Speech Instructor. She serves on the Louisiana Hands and Voices Board, is a Parent Guide by Your Side and serves on the Governor's Infant Hearing Advisory Council in Louisiana. Penny has been cueing since 1987.

    She was instrumental in convincing Nuby, Inc., a Hakim family business, to launch a corporate responsibility program that supports the NCSA Deaf Children's Literacy Project.. Nuby products carry the DCLP logo and the company provides an annual designated grant for cue camps. Penny presents and attends professional conferences regularly. Penny loves helping families understand the benefits of Cued Speech and attends IEP meetings as an advocate in support of parents of children who are Deaf/HOH . She earned a BS at the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

    She can be contacted at:  
  • Treasurer:   Suhad Keblawi Suhad Keblawi

    Suhad is the parent of a deaf native cuer. She is a certified Cued Language Transliterator, a transliterator trainer, and an NCSA Certified Instructor of Cued Speech. She is a lead transliterator for W. T. Woodson High School in Fairfax County Public Schools. Suhad is a Virginia Dept. of Education Grant coordinator for Cued Language Transliterator training.

    She can be contacted at:  
  • Secretary:   Claire Klossner

    She can be contacted at
  • Public Relations:   Rob McIntosh Rob McIntosh

    Rob McIntosh is a native cuer from Crofton, Maryland, right outside Annapolis. Rob's parents found out about Cued Speech from a stranger when his dad waited in line at a bank with his 18 month old deaf son. Soon thereafter he was enrolled in a pilot Cued Speech program for kindergarteners at the National Children's Research Center along with Steven Scher and Tiffany Balderson.

    As a freshman majoring in Biotechnology at the Rochester Institute of Technology he received Cued Speech transliterator services in all courses he attended, thanks to his parents all around efforts to make this a reality. He graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Arts in Literature and went on to gather degrees and certificates in web design, development and programming shortly afterwards. He works as a Senior App Programmer for BOA in downtown Charlotte, NC.

    He can be contacted at:  
  • Community Engagement:   Amy Crumrine Amy Crumrine

    Amy is a native cuer and a teacher for the deaf for Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. She is also a therapist who works with deaf clients across the state.

    Amy's passion lies within the teenage field and within the Cued Speech community by providing support to and education to those about this unique opportunity-both deaf and hearing. Amy majored in deaf studies at Rochester Institute of Technology and studied social work at NTID and Gallaudet.

    She can be contacted at:  


  • Academic Advisory Chair:   Dr. Polly Earl Polly Earl

    Polly has worked with children who are deaf and hard of hearing for 37 years, including work as a speech/language pathologist, teacher, and special education consultant. Polly received her Doctorate in Special Education from the University of Cincinnati in 2006.

    She first saw Dr. Cornett speak about Cued Speech in 1978 at the University of Maine. Since then Polly has supported the use of Cued Speech with children and adults to provide clear and consistent access to spoken languages. Polly currently works as an Outreach Consultant for the Maine Education Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Caribou and is Adjunct Faculty at the University of Maine in Presque Isle.

    She can be contacted at:  
  • Camps / Affiliates:   Nicole Dugan Nicole Dugan

    Nicole Dugan grew up in New Jersey and had CLTs throughout her entire education. She attended RIT and graduated with a B.S. in Psychology, an M.S. in Human Resource Development, and an MBA.

    She lives in Rochester, NY and works at a local community college as a Data Analyst. She enjoys the outdoors (when it's not freezing), sports, creativity, and spending time with furry and loved ones.

    She can be contacted at
  • Government Liaison:   Jill Keblawi Emma Curry

    Jill is the sister of a native deaf cuer. She has been cueing since she was 5 years old. Jill is currently an in-house lawyer with Marriott International, Inc. Jill was previously in private practice with law firms in Washington, D.C.

    Jill received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Virginia, and a Juris Doctor from the Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law. Jill currently lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and three daughters.

    She can be contacted at:  
  • Marketing:   Charles Musser Charles Musser

    Charlie is a native cuer. He credits Cued Speech for playing an instrumental role in his language and literacy development. Some of his hobbies are writing articles for NCSA's On Cue newsletter, photography, advocating for Cued Speech and volleyball.

    He graduated with a degree in economics and business management from James Madison University. He continues to support the Cued Speech community as a photographer and in other capacities.

    He can be contacted at:  
  • Organizations Liaison:   Dr. Kelly Crain

    He can be contacted at:
  • Outreach:  


  • Representatives:   Angela Laptewicz Angela Laptewicz

    Angela is the sister of a native deaf cuer. She has been cueing since she was seven. She freelances as a certified Cued Language Transliterator. She is a certified instructor of CS and enjoys teaching at cue camps. She studied at Stonehill College.

    She can be contacted at:  

Regional Representatives

  • Capital

    (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC):

    Rachel McAnallen Rachel McAnallen

    Rachel McAnallen is a native Cuer and a proficient signer. She was a member of the International Center on Deafness and the Arts when growing up in Chicago, IL. In 2013, Rachel earned her B.S. in Environmental Technology and M.S. in Environmental, Health and Safety Management from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf/Rochester Institute of Technology. She currently works for the United States Air Force as a civilian Environmental Engineer in Camp Springs, MD.

    She lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband (a fluent Cuer) and 2 year old son (a Cueing "practitioner!").

    Rachel can be contacted at:  
    Maureen Bellamy Maureen Bellamy

    Maureen Bellamy is the mother of a native deaf cueing adult. She is currently a director of Cue Camp Virginia and is a past president of the Northern Virginia Cued Speech Association (NVCSA).

    She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master of Public Administration degree from Troy University. Maureen is retired from serving as an aviator and aviation support facility supervisor for the U.S. Army and the District of Columbia Army National Guard.

    Maureen can be contacted at:  
  • Great Lakes

    (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin):  

    Nicole Frye

    She can be contacted at
  • John Veazey

    Gulf Coast

    (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama):

    John Veazey

    He can be contacted at
  • Andy Payonk


    (Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee):

    Andy Payonk

    Andy is a native deaf cuer who lives in Salisbury, North Carolina with his wife Stephanie and their children, Maddi and Ethan. Andy and his wife, a Certified Cued Speech Instructor, met at Cue Camp Cheerio.

    Andy graduated from East Carolina University and now works in the property management industry. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, sightseeing, traveling and doing missionary work.

    He can be contacted at:  
    Courtney Poole Courtney Poole

    Courtney is an adult native cuer in Locust, NC just outside of Charlotte. She attended St. Andrews University and graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration with a concentration in Equine Studies. She currently works for BAYADA Home Health Care as a Manager for the Habilitation Practice.

    She is also the Co-Director of Spring “Cue” Camp Cheerio and is involved with the North Carolina Cued Speech Association. In her spare time she enjoys riding and showing her horses, spending time with her family, and hiking with her dogs.

    Courtney can be contacted at:  
  • Taylor Ozee


    (Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri):  

    Taylor Ozee

    Taylor is a teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing in Dubuque, Iowa. Formerly, she taught at a residential school for the deaf for five years. She lives in a nearby town with her husband, and two children. Taylor earned her Bachelor of Arts in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education from MacMurray College in 2013, and her Master of Arts in Education and Reading Specialist certification from Olivet Nazarene University in 2015.

    She can be contacted at
  • New England

    (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont):

    Suzanne Flint

    She can be contacted at
  • Northeast

    (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio):  


  • Holly Steinke

    Rocky Mountains

    (Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming):

    Holly Steinke

    Holly has an Associate of Applied Science degree in Interpreter Preparation from Front Range Community College in Colorado and a Bachelor of Arts degree in American History with an emphasis in secondary education from the University of Northern Colorado.

    She has been interpreting in for 25 years in education, freelance, and corporate settings and recently began her work as a CLT in 2012. In 2015 Holly became a certified instructor of Cued Speech and has been teaching students and families to cue in the Denver area. In her free time Holly enjoys kickboxing, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

    She can be contacted at
  • Lisa Gavin


    (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands):

    Lisa Gavin

    Lisa is a Nationally Certified CLT, residing in Jacksonville, Florida. She is the founder of Cue For You - the first remote, on-demand Cued Speech transliterating service for the deaf or hearing impaired.

    Her love for Cued Speech began in 2011 when her daughter came home from kindergarten picking up cues from the CLT’s so she could communicate with her deaf friend in class. She has continued to grow in the profession through working with all ages from Pre- school to Business Professionals. Lisa has a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management and an M.B.A. in E-Commerce.

    She can be contacted at:  
  • Southwest

    (Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona):  

    Hannah Mann Hannah Mann

    Hannah Mann is a deaf native cuer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who attended Alexander Graham Bell Montessori School in Chicago, Illinois until 4th grade. She graduated from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with a BA in English and minors in American Sign Language and Mandarin Chinese.

    Hannah now works as a freelance writer and editor in Fort Worth, Texas, and blogs on Deaf/Hard of Hearing topics at

    She can be contacted at:  
  • Upper Plains

    (Montana, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota):

    Kitri Kyllo Kitry Kyllo

    Kitri Larson Kyllo recently retired from 40 years in deaf/hard of hearing education, the last 27 years as Assistant Director of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program in Intermediate School District 917, Minnesota.

    She led a team of professionals who have demonstrated for over 20 years that a public-school program can provide a bilingual-access program for learners who are deaf/hard of hearing to acquire skills in both American Sign Language and English/literacy via spoken/cued English. This team of professionals has contributed to the language, reading, writing, academic, listening, and spoken language skill development of numerous learners in all levels — preschool, elementary, and secondary more about Kitri here »

    She can be contacted at
  • West

    (California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington):

    Sara Sizemore Sara Sizemore

    Sara is a native deaf cuer who has been cueing since being diagnosed hard of hearing at 12 months old. She attended Wake Forest University and later received her PhD in Physics at Arizona State University. She currently lives in Santa Barbara, California with her husband and enjoys cooking and hiking in her leisure time.

    She can be contacted at:  
    Vance Deatherage Vance Deathrage

    Vance began cueing in 2014, and has since become heavily involved in the cue-munity. He has worked as a CLT in every stage of education, ranging from elementary through graduate/post-graduate level assignments.

    After graduating with a BS in ASL-English Interpretation from NTID/RIT, he is currently working as an Advocate for the Deaf as well as a freelance Sign Language Interpreter and CLT in the Bay Area. Additionally, as a HoH Cuer, Vance works to promote the use of Cued Speech as a solution to hearing loss later in life. He became a certified instructor of Cued Speech in 2015.

    He can be contacted at:  


  • Executive Director:   Sarina Roffe (New York)
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