National Cued Speech Association

NCSA Awards Since 1987

Honorary Lifetime Memberships

Dr. and Mrs. R. Orin Cornett
Mary Elsie Daisey
Amy Hurowitz Crumrine
Robbie McIntosh
Kim Smith
Barbara Caldwell
Leah Henegar Lewis
Dan Koo
Steve Scher

Service Awards

Eileen Andrews
Ann Bleuer
Glenys Chen
Mary Elsie Daisey
Joan Fargnoli
Bob and Joan Gonsoulin
Jane Knight
Ron and Mary Ann Lachman
Marie McDonald
Kent and Peggy McGlone
Melanie Metzger
Isabel and Phil Payonk
Doug and Barbara Schuler
Beth Dowling Walker
Pam Beck
Dustin Britt
Judy Curtin
Sara and Craig Darrah
Joe Frisbie
Carolyn Jones
Jeanie Krause
Carol Mauro
Brother Gerald McGrath
Rod and Suzanna McKendree
Carolyn Ostrander
Sertoma, Endwell, NY
Marjie Sokolnicki
Bobby Williams

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  • Cue for You Transliterating Services - CLT Services
  • iBooks - Cued Speech
  • Help families in need for Cued Speech camps by donating to the Deaf Children's Literacy Project
  • Nuby, Inc - High Quality, Chemical Free Baby Products
  • Deaf Childrens Literacy Project champions literacy and phonetics for families of deaf and hard of hearing children
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