National Cued Speech Association

NCSA Cueing Service Awards

For support above and beyond the call of duty

Cueing Service Awards are given for research or support above and beyond the call of duty to families and youth that are deaf and hard of hearing and use Cued Speech.

Presented on July 22, 2006

Linda Balderson, along with her husband Andrew, was one of the first parents in the DC area to use Cued Speech with a child who was deaf and had other disabilities. A visionary, Ms. Balderson became the first CS transliterator, created Cue Camp Friendship in1992, taught Cued Speech, and created the first college level Cued Speech course. Over the years she has served on the NCSA Board of Directors, earned a Master’s degree in deaf education, and became a certified Cued Speech Transliterator and Instructor of Cued Speech. She was important in the developmental stages, and in teaching in the CS Instructor National Certification program. Linda is currently the co-owner of Cuemunication Resources and Services, LLC, through which she continues developing materials, teaching CS, and working as a transliterator.

Brad Buran is a native cuer and grew up in the Montgomery County Public School system in Maryland. He was the first cuer to graduate from the math and science magnet program at Blair High School. From there, he went on to the Honors Program at the University of Maryland at College Park, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Physiology and Neurobiology. He is currently at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology working toward his PhD in Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology. Since his arrival at MIT, Brad has created the Visual Language Consortium, a student organization that focuses on teaching the Cued Speech system and educating people about cued languages. He has also, along with transliterators, taught his peers how to cue. In 2005, Brad organized the Cued Speech Winter Workshop at MIT. He also hostes "Cues on Tap," a monthly event for all cuers in the Boston area to get together and interact. Brad has been published in the Journal of Morphology. The title of his paper is "Structural variation in the inner ears of four deep sea elopomorph fishes." He is currently working on a paper about his recent neurophysiology project examining the function of synaptic ribbons in hair cells, and is also embarking on a new molecular biology project examining the role of receptors in the auditory nerve.

Osmond Crosby served on two NCSA boards in the early 90’s, pushing the association into the electronic age. His vision was forward looking, working for all deaf and hard of hearing children and their parents. Mr. Crosby cultivates contacts in all areas of hearing loss, parents and professionals, bringing them to understand cueing, and passing along all he learns from them to the cueing community. He is the 1995 recipient of Kam’s Fund award for supporting hearing research nationally, the 2005 Utah Association for the Deaf – President’s Award – for advocacy in deaf education and introduction of cued speech to Utah, and is the co-founder of Cued Language Network of America.

Marianne Flanagan has served the Cued Speech community in Canada, working alone in the West to spread its use for the past two decades. A speech language pathologist, Ms. Flanagan has served on the board of the NCSA since 1988 and was the editor of the “On Cue” newsletter for ten years. She is a certified instructor, and teaches workshops in Canada and at cue camps in the US.

Elizabeth KipilaElizabeth Kipila was the first secretary/treasurer of the NCSA after its incorporations in 1982. She worked with Cued Speech office at Gallaudet University from 1975 until the closure of that unit in 2005, after which she served as adjunct faculty in the Dept. of Hearing & Speech teaching a graduate level Cued Speech class. Ms. Kipila developed a variety of teaching materials and curricula, organized and worked at the Gallaudet Cued Speech Family Programs, and designed the first Cued Speech instructor training and testing certification battery. Since her retirement from Gallaudet, she continues to provide parent support, teaches cueing, serves as a cued language transliterator, and assists with training and testing for the NCSA's instructor certification committee.

Barbara LeBlanc was a speech pathologist in the Ascension Parish, Louisiana cueing program when it began in 1979. She designed the language program, setting up the testing and teaching guidelines, and then presented and published on the results. Ms. LeBlanc developed a transliterator training program, broadening its potential through creation of a distance learning program. She has also served on three boards.

Barbara LeeBarbara Lee is an audiologist who started the Ascension Parish, Louisiana, cueing program in 1979. She continues to teach Cued Speech, and advocate for language acquisition through CS use in the schools. Ms. Lee makes frequent presentations and publishes about the impact of CS use in the education of deaf and hard of hearing children. She has served on three NCSA boards.

Sandy Mosetick, a parent active in AEHI and on the board of AG Bell Montessori School, as well as the NCSA, was the driving force behind the Open Doors, a joint publication of the NCSA and Oticon, Inc. She is a tireless and generous supporter of AEHI, and is the visionary Board Chairman and financial backer of the new AGBell Montessori School in Chicago.

Joan Rupert served on the first NCSA board with Joseph Weiss as president in 1983, and resigned in 2005, a total of 32 years, serving as the representative for the Western US as well as a director at large. Ms. Rupert has taught cueing classes all over the Western US, organized Cue Camps, opened West Coast Cued Speech Services in California, advocated for parents and worked with California legislative bodies to obtain support for Cued Speech or to allow for CS use in schools.

Barry ScherBarry Scher began cueing in 1976 and worked with the Balderson and McIntosh families to get funding from Gallaudet for the Cued Speech program at the National Child Research Center, where his son Steven attended school. Barry was instrumental in getting the Montgomery County Public Schools to begin the first Cued Speech program in the United States, making it a three-track program. Barry also worked with Joseph Weiss, Andrew Balderson, and other parents to create the NCSA in 1982. Mr. Scher has tirelessly worked to market Cued Speech and has generously supported the NCSA.

Jane Smith has worked as a communication specialist in the Cued Speech program in Montgomery County, Maryland since the early 80s, individualizing every program to the student’s needs, consulting with other professionals involved with her students, and counseling parents. She is also involved in the MD Cued Speech Association, teaches CS classes locally and at camps, and publishes and presents about Cued Speech use, particularly with cochlear implants.

Iva TullierIva Tullier has been cueing in Louisiana since 1980, both for her son Tate and as a transliterator for other children in the schools. She is a certified CS instructor, has taught children and adults at cue camps and the LA Technical College, was the director of “Camp Cue Orleans”, and has helped host numerous CS conferences and workshops in Ascension Parish. She and husband Randy were two founders of “Whatever It Takes”, the parent group for hearing impaired children in her area.

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