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NCSA Honorary Lifetime Memberships

Honorary Lifetime Memberships are given to individuals who have committed a minimum of 20 years of ongoing and valuable service to the NCSA, or for important research or publication about Cued Speech, or to individuals whose advocacy has significantly raised the level of Cued Speech recognition and acceptance. In alphabetical order:

Dr. Walter Beaupre (Posthumously) developed the first Cued SpeechDr. Walter Beupre proficiency test as a result of his extensive use of the system to teach phonetics at the University of Rhode Island. His book Gaining Cued Speech Proficiency has become a classic in Cued Speech literature and established the standard for professional cuers.
Dr. Charles Berlin saw the value of Cued Speech for children with hearing loss,Dr. Charles Berlin Auditory Neuropathy or Auditory Disynchrony, and children who were getting cochlear implants. He encouraged audiologists to recommend Cued Speech to parents and to become involved in their decision process, as he so generously did. He retired in 2002 as Professor of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, and Physiology, and Director of the world-renowned Kresge Hearing Research Laboratory at LSU Medical School in New Orleans. He was also a practicing licensed audiologist who saw patients weekly in the audiology clinic he directed which was selected by Family Circle magazine in 1987 as the Best Place in the United States for Hearing Problems. There the families who have hearing impaired children received Cued Speech on their menu of management choices. He has been called the "Teacher's Teacher" and succeeds in making complicated auditory concepts accessible to parents, teachers, hearing aid specialists, as well as his Audiology and Physician students. Dr. Berlin has been a tireless advocate for Cued Speech before numerous professional audiences. He has not only been a pioneer in the identification of auditory neuropathy/disynchrony, he has also personally provided support to parents seeking accurate diagnosis of their children’s hearing difficulties, spending hours on the phone with them, counseling them and directing them to resources. He empowers parents to advocate for their children.
June Dixon-Millar is the founder and Director of the Cued Speech Association June Dixon-Millar UK, formerly The National Centre for Cued Speech, founded in 1975. June has used Cued Speech since 1970. She trained at Homerton College, Cambridge and at Manchester University Department of Education for the Deaf. She is an international lecturer and author of numerous articles for professional journals on deafness. She has been a committee member of several charities connected with deafness and communication, advised the UK Government on Cued Speech, and adapted Cued Speech into 12 languages. She has published training material for all ages of deaf people with different degrees and types of hearing loss, and this year produced a CD-ROM ‘Cued Speech Activities for Children’.
Joan Rupert served on the first NCSA board with Joseph WeissJoan Rupert as president in 1983, and resigned in 2005, a total of 32 years, serving as the representative for the Western US as well as a director at large. Ms. Rupert has taught cueing classes all over the Western US, organized Cue Camps, opened West Coast Cued Speech Services in California, advocated for parents and worked with California legislative bodies to obtain support for Cued Speech or to allow for CS use in schools.
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