National Cued Speech Association

NCSA Awards Past and Present

Clapping hands The National Cued Speech Association recognizes that numerous individuals have made exceptional contributions to the advancement of Cued Speech use in families, schools or communities since Cued Speech was invented by Dr R. Orin Cornett in 1966.

In this section, we honor these individuals for their hard dedication and commitment to Cued Speech.

Based on the above list, NCSA recognizes that there are
many more deserving individuals and we hope that in the future,
we can give these individuals the public recognition they so deserve.

  • Daily Cues - Figure out your cue notation!
  • Cue for You Transliterating Services - CLT Services
  • Help families in need for Cued Speech camps by donating to the Deaf Children's Literacy Project
  • National Cued Speech Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing on Facebook
  • Language Matters, Inc
  • iBooks - Cued Speech
  • Nuby, Inc - High Quality, Chemical Free Baby Products
  • Deaf Childrens Literacy Project champions literacy and phonetics for families of deaf and hard of hearing children
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