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Do double check any position listed below by contacting the hiring person as provided by the job posting to see if the position is still open. If the position in question has been closed, please let us know by contacting us directly at [email protected] or by calling us at 800-459-3529.

Either send your current job posting(s) or use the ones below as a guideline to create yours, whatever works best!

Full-time Teacher of the Deaf – Cued Speech Program

School:  Flower Valley Elementary School, Rockville MD
Terms of Employment:  Full benefits package, opportunities for professional growth and support.
Starting date:  ASAP

Primary level (K/1) classroom position working with D/HOH students in a self-contained setting and supporting students in general education setting. Knowledge/fluency in Cued Speech – willingness to develop and hone skills for daily classroom use. Be part of a strong and collegial instructional team in a K-5 elementary school program: Teachers, Paraeducators, Communication Specialist, and Cued Speech Transliterators.

Bachelor's degree in deaf education; master's degree preferred. Starting salary for Master’s level $53,000
Contact info:  Susan Russell, D/HOH Program Supervisor
Phone: 240-740-1810
Email: [email protected]

Cued Speech Transliterator

Location:  Monroe NY, Rochester NY, Various Locations
Terms of Employment:  Per Diem Substitutes, Temporary; Full time
Starting date:  Continuous recruitment
Contact info:  Check job listings in »

  1. Provide receptive and expressive Cued Speech transliterating in the classroom school setting.
  2. Assist students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing to develop the necessary skills to successfully participate in the mainstream setting.
  3. Participate in in-servicing faculty and students as necessary.
  4. Read and respond to email communication on a daily basis, if on staff.
  5. Attend scheduled Deaf/ASL Education staff meetings, if on staff.

  1. Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in Deaf Education or related field.
  2. Competence in Cued Speech transliterating demonstrated via interview assessment.
  3. Experience in support services programs with Deaf/Hard of Hearing students preferred.
  4. Physically able to perform essential functions of the position (with or without reasonable accommodation).
Contact Info: Andreana Durkin, Interpreter Supervisor
[email protected]

Independent CLT (contractor) work at a local educational facility.

Location: Charlotte, Hickory, Raleigh, and Winston Salem, North Carolina
Hiring Dates: **Continuous recruitment**
Schedule: Availability required for Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the Winter-Spring semester.

  • Competence in Cued Speech transliterating demonstrated by proof of certification.
  • Experience in Support Services with Deaf/Hard of Hearing community.

Cued Speech Transliterator (college level)

Location:  Monroe County, New York (Rochester)
Starting date:  **Continuous recruitment**
Contact info:  Check job listings in »

  1. Competence in Cued Speech transliterating demonstrated via interview assessment.
  2. A documented score of 3.4 or higher on the Cued American English. Competency Screening (CAECS) within two years of employment.
  3. Bachelor's or Associate's degree in Interpreting, Deaf Education, or related area, or graduation from an interpreter training program strongly preferred.
  4. Experience in Support Services programs with Deaf/Hard of Hearing
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