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About the Deaf Children's Literacy Project

Logo of the Deaf Children's Literacy Project Thanks for visiting the Deaf Children's Literacy Project page, we are glad you are here to learn about our nationwide movement in supporting and increasing literacy and educational development for deaf and hard of hearing children.

The Deaf Children’s Literacy Project (DCLP) is an non-profit charity founded by the National Cued Speech Association (NCSA) in the late 1990s. The DCLP was conceived through past NCSA efforts in securing Congressional support through grants in its campaign in making literacy much more accessible for deaf and hard of hearing infants and children alike.

Unfortunately, the support from Congress is few and far in between, hardly much if at all. This is where we need your support for new 'cueing' families with your contribution or financial donation to the DCLP. This will help support newfound families of deaf infants / toddlers as well as individuals in providing workshops, camps and in furthering their educational opportunities through financial support and scholarships!

All donations are taxable deductable because they go into supporting a non-profit charity!

NCSA and its Deaf Children’s Literacy Project provide:

  • Information and support services via 1-800-459-3529 or contact us through our form - »
  • A network of affiliate centers and chapters.
  • Publications, including the newsletter On Cue, The Cued Speech Journal, and books.
  • Cued Speech Discovery catalog bookstore at [email protected]/shop/.
  • Sponsorship of family camps, workshops, conferences and scholarships.
  • Free first-year memberships for families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Professional standards for the use of Cued Speech.
  • Training and certification of Cued Speech Instructors.
  • Listings of certified instructors, Cued Speech transliterators and job opportunities.
  • Support for equal access to communication.
  • Promotion of early identification of hearing loss and parent education.
  • Encouragement of and participation in research relating to the use of Cued Speech.

Cued Speech is what parents need to able to effectively, fully communicate in English (complete sentences) with their deaf infants and or children in efforts to build deeper, stronger relationships throughout their lifetimes. It is through Cued Speech that children are able to receive full access to basic phonemics (phonemes, vowels and consonants) needed for complete literacy development.


To make a donation in the Give Direct page, look for 'Donation Information' (see below) and then 'Program Area' and in the drop down menu, click on the Deaf Childrens Literacy Project as the one to make a donation towards. Check the screenshot below (see red arrow), it shows how you can make a donation. The final steps are to fill out the required information. All cards are accepted, Mastercard, Discover, Visa and American Express.

To make a donation for the Deaf Childrens Literacy Project, click here to
go to the Give Direct page »

Donate to the Deaf Children's Literacy Project
  • Daily Cues - Figure out your cue notation!
  • Cue for You Transliterating Services - CLT Services
  • iBooks - Cued Speech
  • Help families in need for Cued Speech camps by donating to the Deaf Children's Literacy Project
  • Nuby, Inc - High Quality, Chemical Free Baby Products
  • Deaf Childrens Literacy Project champions literacy and phonetics for families of deaf and hard of hearing children
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