National Cued Speech Association

Volume II, Summer 1986

Editor: Walter J. Beaupre, Ph.D.
Editorial Board: R. Orin Cornett, Ph.D.; M. Carolyn Jones, Ph.D.; Joan Rupert
p. 3    Teaching With Cued Speech: The Middle Years
- Barbara Lee

p. 22    Cued Speech as a Phonological Model
- Walter J. Beaupre

p. 34    The Teaching of Cued Speech to Hearing-impaired Adults
- Alison M. Turner

p. 42    Development of Reading in the Hearing-Impaired
- R. Orin Cornett

p. 62    The Self Monitoring Cue Card Format: What It Is and How to Use It
- M. Carolyn Jones

p. 67    Cued Speech: A Miracle for Mark
- Margaret Rejhon and Christina Barris Perigoe
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