National Cued Speech Association

Volume I, Summer 1985

Editor: Walter J. Beaupre, Ph.D.
Editorial Board: R. Orin Cornett, Ph.D.; M. Carolyn Jones, Ph.D.; Joan Rupert; Mary Elsie Sbaiti
p.3    Update on Cued Speech
- R. Orin Cornett

p.9    What Can Cued Speech Do For You(?)
- Pamela H. Beck

p. 19    Some Thoughts on Profitable Research Directions Regarding Cued Speech
- James Gregory

p. 26    Breaking Through the Attention Barrier
- Marylou Barwell

p. 30    Mainstreaming: It Can Be More Blessed to Give Than to Receive
- Rosalyn Efron

p. 32    The Cued Speech Connection
- Marylou Barwell

p. 38    A Test for Cued Speech Proficiency
- Walter J. Beaupre

p. 46    Analysis of an Oral Language Sample from a Prelingually Deaf Child’s Cued Speech: A Case Study
- Betsy Kipila

p. 60    Effects of Cued Speech Instruction on Speechreading Skills
- Ruth F. Chilson
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