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Expressive Language

CS learners with severe to profound hearing losses scored as well as hearing children using the Developmental Sentence Score (DSS) for expressive language. Children introduced to CS before age 2 scored significantly better than those who began later.
  • Berendt, H., Krupnik-Goldman, B., & Rupp, K. (1990) "Receptive and expressive language abilities of hearing-impaired children who use Cued Speech."
    Master's Thesis, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.
CS enables oral expressive language to develop well in a five-year-old prelingually profoundly deaf child even though his speech was unintelligible.
  • Kipila, B. (1985) "Analysis of an oral language sample from a prelingually deaf child's Cued Speech: A Case Study."
    Cued Speech Annual, 1, 46-59.
CS profoundly deaf children surpass the majority of signing and oral children in verbal language skills.
  • Peterson, M. (1991) Data on Language of profoundly deaf children with oral, signing and Cued Speech backgrounds.
    Data supplied by correspondence to R.O. Cornett and summarized in Cornett & Daisey "The Cued Speech Resource Book" (pp 697-699) 1992. National Cued Speech Association, Raleigh, NC.
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