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Cochlear Implants and Cued Speech

Children's use of Cued Speech prior to cochlear implantation has a significant positive effect on ability to benefit from the implant.

Osberger, M.J. "Current Issues in Cochlear Implants in Children." (1997, October) The Hearing Review, pp. 28-31.

Visual phonological comprehension of language with CS aids auditory comprehension after implantation.
Descourtieux, C., V. Groh, A. Rusterholtz, I. Simoulin, D. Busquet. "Cued Speech in the Stimulation of Communication: An Advantage in Cochlear Implantation." Presented at the Lyon Conference on Language Development in CI Children, December 8, 1996.

Implanted children educated with CS have better speech intelligibility with correct syntax than children habilitated with oral or gestural means only.
Reported by C. Coleon (1997) in "The Lyon Conference on Language Development in CI Children". CICI Contact, Winter/Spring 1997, pp. 38-41. More Research »
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