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Bilingualism and Cued Speech

Cued Speech improves spoken language acquisition when combined with manual communication of young deaf children

  • Perrier, O., Bochner-Wuidar, A., Everarts, B., & Michiels, J., (1986) "The Combination of Cued Speech and Signed French to Improve Spoken Language Acquisition by Young Deaf Children." in B. Tervoort (Ed.) "Signs of Life: Proceedings of the Second European Congress on Sign Language Re-search (pp. 194-199) Amsterdam. Reprinted in the Cued Speech Journal, 4, 1990.

CS with signed French triggers speech

  • Perrier, O. (1987, October) "The Psycholinguistic Integration of Signed French and Cued Speech: How can Speech Components be Triggered?" Paper pre-sented at the Symposium on Oral Skills and Total Communication, Gent, Belgium. (Reprinted in the Cued Speech Journal, 4, 1990)

A review of language acquisition, reading and communication systems used with deaf children shows the empirical base for using the parents' language, conveyed via CS, as the deaf child's first language.

  • LaSasso, C. & M. Metzger. (1998, Fall) "An Alternate Route for Preparing Deaf Children for BiBi Programs: the Home Language as L1 and Cued Speech for Conveying Traditionally Spoken Languages." J of Deaf Studies & Deaf Education 3:4, pp. 265-289.

CS helps hearing and deaf college students learn Spanish and French.

  • Bement, L. & C. Quenin. ((1998) "Cued Speech as a Practical Approach to Teaching Spanish to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Foreign Language Students." Cued Speech Journal, Vol. 6, pp. 40-56.
  • Clark, C. & J. Sacken. (1998) "French Cued Speech: Teaching French in a Mainstreamed College Classroom." Cued Speech Journal, Vol. 6, pp. 57-70.
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