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AEHI - Alternatives in Education for the Hearing Impaired

In Mt. Prospect, Illinois at the Alexander Graham Bell Montessori School deaf and hard of hearing children learn together through Cued Speech. It receives funds from foundation. »

A.G. Bell Association

The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing helps families, health care providers and education professionals understand childhood hearing loss and the importance of early diagnosis and intervention. Through advocacy, education, research and financial aid, AG Bell helps to ensure that every child and adult with hearing loss has the opportunity to listen, talk and thrive in mainstream society.
The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing ia a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. »

A.G. Bell - Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center

A.G. Bell Association is excited about the launch of the Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center, a trusted internet resource for information on listening and spoken language for parents of children with hearing loss, adults with hearing loss, and the professionals that serve them. This is a growing and evolving resource that will provide you with information and support in your everyday life and connect you to a vital community. »

Art of Cueing

Online cueing lessons with video clips throughout. »

Cued Speech Discovery Bookstore /

This is the NCSA’s Bookstore - Cued Speech Discovery. Here is a comprehensive source for Cued Speech information You can buy products, take part in forums, and stay up to date with national and international Cued Speech events. »

Cued Language Network of America (CLNA)

CLNA supports both parents and professionals in implementing cued languages in home, educational and professional settings. Distributes a free video with information about cueing, and offers retreats for families and instructors. »

Center for Study of Learning

Describes the Cued speech system, offers advantages of the method, and links to online related articles and information. »

Daily Cues

Primarily intended for students of Cued English preparing for standardized testing. It was created directly from requests and questions from students. »

Fairfax County Public Schools Cued Speech Program

Model program which offers a Cued Speech track as well as options for Auditory / Oral and Total Communication. Site contains information about Cued Speech as well as information about upcoming courses. »

Gaining Cued Speech Proficiency

The instructional book by Dr. Walter Beaupré which has been put online in its entirety with lessons, advice, and extensive examples. »

Language Matters, Inc. (LMI)

Language Matters, Inc. is a privately owned company that provides signed, cued and spoken language programs, products and services. Included are classes for Cued Language Transliterators through the Cued Language Professional Education Series (CLTPES). »

Maryland Cued Speech Association (MDCSA)

An NCSA Affiliate, this Maryland association sponsors Cue Camp Friendship biannually and promotes and protects the right of children and adults to utilize and have access to Cued Speech in all settings. »

New England Cued Speech Services (NECS)

Promotes Cued Speech as a communication option and literacy tool in the New England area for deaf children and other children with phonemic awareness delays. »
Also visit Cued Speech Maine at »

Northern Virginia Cued Speech Association (NVCSA)

An NCSA affiliate that sponsors Cue Camp Virginia and provides advocacy, education and support for families and professionals who choose to use Cued Speech with deaf or hard of hearing children. »

Testing Evaluation and Certification Unit (TECUnit)

This is a non-profit testing, evaluation and certification unit for Cued Language Transliterators who work primarily between Cued English and spoken English for Deaf and hard of hearing consumers. It provides information on The Cued Language Transliterator National Certification Examination. »

University of South Florida Cued Speech Initiative

The USF Cued Speech Initiative is aimed at promoting Cued Speech as a communication option and literacy tool for deaf children and other children who have difficulties with phonemic awareness in the Tampa Bay area. »

Other organizations related to deafness

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf

Dedicated to promoting speech through the use of assistive devices such as hearing aids and cochlear implants. Advocated for families, professionals and deaf adults on hearing health issues. »

American Society for Deaf Children

A national non-profit dedicated to helping parents of deaf children. »

American Speech Language and Hearing Association

Professional organization of speech language pathologists and audiologists. »

Gallaudet University

The nation’s sole university for deaf and hard of hearing individuals and the place where Cued Speech was invented. »

Hearing Aid Guide

Over 36 million Americans experience some degree of hearing loss, and hearing aids. Today, the need for hearing aids is growing as more people are diagnosed with hearing loss each year.
Hearing Aid Guide »

The Maryland Hearing and Balance Center

Located at the University of Maryland Medical Center provides specialty care for patients with problems related to the ears, facial nerve, and skull base. »

National Association for the Deaf

Promotes, protects, and preserves the rights and quality of life of deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States of America. »

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)

Part of the National Institutes of Health. Supports and conducts research and research training on normal and disordered processes of hearing, balance smell, taste, voice, speech and language. »

National Organization for Hearing Research Foundation (NOHRH)

Grant proposals target innovative auditory projects. Research into the regeneration of hair cells of the inner ear is a funding priority; however, all qualified research in the prevention, causes, treatments, and cures of hearing loss and deafness is supported. »

National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID)

The world’s first and largest technological college for deaf students. It offers diplomas, certificates, and associate degrees in 30 technological and professional programs as well as access to faculty and staff who use sign language. Students also have 200 other majors available to them from RIT’s seven other colleges. »

Registry for Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID)

Provides international, national, regional, state and local forums and an organizational structure for the continued growth and development of the profession of interpretation and transliteration of American Sign Language and English. »

TDI (Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc.)

Promote equal access to telecommunications and media for people who are deaf, late-deafened, hard-of-hearing, or deaf-blind. »

Other Disability Organizations and Coalitions

Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology (COAT)

COAT is a coalition of disability organizations which advocates for legislative and regulatory safeguards that will ensure full access by people with disabilities to evolving high speed broadband, wireless and other Internet protocol (IP) technologies. COAT consists of over 60 national, regional, and community-based organizations dedicated to making sure that as our nation migrates from legacy public switched-based telecommunications to more versatile and innovative IP-based and other communication technologies, people with disabilities will not be left behind. »

Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC)

Advocacy for CART and Captioning wherever needed. »

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  • Help families in need for Cued Speech camps by donating to the Deaf Children's Literacy Project
  • Nuby, Inc - High Quality, Chemical Free Baby Products
  • Deaf Childrens Literacy Project champions literacy and phonetics for families of deaf and hard of hearing children
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