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A Different Cue for the Deaf

'Cued speech' has produced strong academic results -- and a dispute
By Gadi Dechter, Sun reporter
Originally published September 6, 2006. Searchable through Baltimore Sun archives ».

Cued Speech: What and Why?

R. Orin Cornett, Ph.D. (Rev. 2000)
This article is a revision of one of my earliest articles on Cued Speech, intended for readers who need an elementary presentation of descriptive and explanatory material designed to clarify its nature and objectives.
Read article... »

Cued Speech: Breaking the Paradigm

Sarina Roffé
Stories about the accomplishments of Cued Speech users have amazed deaf educators for years. Still, many professionals working with the deaf find it hard to believe that prelingually deaf children can achieve the same academic levels as hearing children. Here is one family that used Cued Speech to break the deaf education pattern. Read Essay [PDF] »

Multiple Uses for Cued Speech

Cued Speech was created for use by families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Cued Speech provides cued listening, cued phonemes, cued languages, and cued speechreading. Research and experience have proven the benefits of Cued Speech use for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Read article... »

Teacher Overcomes Late Start in English by Focusing on the Solution

By Barbara Brite Lee
When presented with a challenge - three new 7-year-old profoundly deaf students who were seriously language delayed - Julie Russell, a 26-year veteran teacher of the deaf, looked beyond the problem and focused on a long term solution, a solution that included using Cued Speech. Read article... »

From Cued Speech Camps:

Kids, Cueing, and Summer Fun

By Theresa Koenig
What makes teaching a kids’ cue class so seriously rewarding? For me, it’s the steady stream of questions and those wonderful break though moments when you can see and hear a student making sense of ‘this cueing stuff’. Read Essay [PDF] »

Multiple Uses for Cued Speech:

Speech-Language Pathologist Uses Cued Speech for Hearing Children

By Anne Marie Dziekonski
Carla Davidson is a speech-language pathologist at Longridge Elementary School in Greece, NY (near Rochester). She uses Cued Speech on a daily basis while providing therapy to with children who are not deaf or hard-of-hearing. Carla learned to cue eight years ago and has not stopped since! She became fluent in Cued Speech while working with deaf students in private practice. Read Essay [PDF] »

Cued Speech for Special Children

By Pamela Beck
Cued Speech is used with children with and without hearing loss for a variety of purposes, such as accelerating the learning phonics or speech or language instruction. The children may be typical children or have autism, apraxia, cerebral palsy, deaf-blindness, developmental disabilities or other learning needs. Our most special children are those who have one or more additional disabilities with their hearing loss. Read Essay [PDF] »

Cued Speech and Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Cued Speech has been and is being used with children who have autism and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD), as one part of individualized packages of special services. Read Essay »

Down Syndrome & Cued Speech

By Pamela Beck
Speech pathologists were the first persons — beginning in the early 1980’s — to begin using Cued Speech with children with Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities. Parents and educators followed their lead. This author has experience with three children with Down Syndrome, two boys six years old and a girl 4 years old. Each child was unique. Read Essay »

Professional Perspectives:

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