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Cued Speech Camps

Learn Cued Speech in the relaxed atmosphere of camp. Exciting new class formats for cuers of all ages. They will focus on expressive fluency for the younger campers. There will be several concurrent workshops each day to meet individual needs.

Scholarship Applications for Camps

Individuals may apply for scholarship assistance from the organizers of each of the camps listed below. Families from California, Oregon, and Washington may also apply for travel assistance to camps supported by the National Cued Speech Association.

Donations can be made through the NCSA to support two camps:
Isabelle Payonk Scholarship Fund in support of Spring Camp Cheerio (NC).

**NEW!** Application for NCSA Cosponsorship and Financial Assistance for a Cued Speech Camp or Workshop. Applications ready for download directly below:

NCSA Cosponsorship and Financial Assistance application (PDF) »
NCSA Cosponsorship and Financial Assistance application (DOC) »

Please contact camp directors below to inquire about scholarships!

Camps take place annually or bi-annually. Contact the directors of their camps to get more specifics below:

Cue Camps 2015 - Summer & Fall

Cue Camp Virginia

Jamestown, Virginia

October 8 - 11, 2015

Registration is now open for Cue Camp Virginia 2015. See the Cue Camp tab on the Northern Virginia Cued Speech Association web site,

Camp will be held on Columbus Day weekend, October 8-11 (Th-Su). The Adult Beginning Cued Speech class starts on Thursday evening at 8:00. All other classes and activities start Friday morning at 9 am.

What’s happening at camp?

Ten years after his Cue Camp Virginia debut, Dr. Charles I. Berlin, internationally-renowned audiologist, will return to CCVA with presentations on Saturday, October 10th!

Dr. Berlin’s morning keynote address to all Adult classes, Secrets of the Audiogram, will discuss what the audiogram does and does not tell us, and how Cued Speech can be used to fill the gaps.

Dr. Berlin’s afternoon Professional Day seminar is: Changes in Hearing Science and the Role of Cued Speech as a Tool in the Management of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children.

Please let your audiologist and your school professionals know about this! (Certificates of completion will be provided for 6 hours of Dr. Berlin’s presentations.)

See more info about Dr. Berlin on the NVCSA homepage,

What's New in 2015?:

We have a new addition to the Adult program: the Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Practice Workshop, intended to help participants increase proficiency, fluency and confidence. Don’t repeat the Beginning Cued Speech class! If you already know the system; this is the class for you!

Sunday morning workshops:

Last year’s Sunday morning workshops return with additional discussions on popular topics:

  • 1. Tips and tools for new cuers and parents of new or very young cue-kids.
  • 2. Self-advocacy for deaf cuers
Lunch will be served following the workshops.

Scholarship, Discounts and Financial Assistance available, please contact us to inquire!

Many options are available. See the Cue Camp tab on our website ( for more information.

For more information, contact the Cue Camp VA directors at


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